Thursday, September 30, 2010

beautiful women in the world with tattoos

This website is totally devoted to women and their tattoo art and we completely support womens rights to do what they choose to with their bodies, including getting wonderful tattoos. More and more women around the world are choosing to get tattooed and especially with bold, colorful, large designs! However, most women prefer small, cute tattoos that are easy to hide for their first tattoo than a bold, colorful design. Women’s first tattoos tend to be cute designs like fairys, hearts, butterflies, fish, animals, dogs, cats, unicorns, as just a few examples.
Every girl wants to feel cute and sexy and so this is what drives them to look for the perfect tattoo to adorn their beauty. Once upon a time the amount of womens designs that existed were very limited whereas now the problem is the exact opposite, that there are way too many options to choose from. One of the most popular locations for women to put there tattoos is on is on their lower back just above their buttocks and the blunt reason why is because symmetrical tattoos look good there. Sadly the location has acquired a stigma that ‘only sluts gets tattoos there’ and the nickname “tramp stamp” and this is just not true. This is a terrible phenomenon because it is simply wrong and spreads ignorance; because if a man can have many women and be considered a stud then so can a woman have many men and be considered liberated! Secondly, it stigmatizes the location for everyone and also women who are not promiscuous that have lower back tattoos.
If you would like to be featured on Tattoo Woman, please email us your photos toand please describe as much as you can about the tattoos, who did it, where you had it done, why you did it and why you chose your design

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