Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Angels Tattoos

Why most of them Angels of Love Angels Tattoos?

Angels are people from heaven, sent by God himself to keep this love. Angels TattoosThe word "angel" is translated from the Greek word meaning messenger "or" one sent by God. "They always called the messenger of God or the Army of God. They gave us his word and work. The third largest religion in the world, namely Islam, Judaism and Christian using the name of an angel in their holy books. Angels are considered the link between heaven and earth. They were sent to us by God to protect us and protect us from the dangers of this world.

In all these ways, an angel is depicted as a winged creature that is on earth to protect us from all evil elements. Some kind of angel described in the paragraphs below,

Archangel Angels Tattoos

Archangels are the people mentioned in the book of Revelation from the Bible. This angel of the closet to God in heaven. They said that the fight against all the darkness in the world. Archangel Michael in those who fought against Lucifer. The most popular design of the Archangel Michael Angel is known for his tattoos big sword and a good body armor.


Cherub angels are people who bring love. A good example is the Love Angel, who use bows and arrows that unwarned people shot in the heart, helping them fall in love. This is the main reason for this cherub angels tattoos became popular among connoisseurs.

Angels TattoosFallen Angels

Fallen angel explains the battle between Lucifer and God. This fall from His grace. In the Christian community believes that the angel Lucifer was sent to him in hell fire. Tattoos are shaded dark ink for angels tattoos. Fallen Angels-known among bikers and Goths, as well as among people Devil

Angels tattoos attractive because they are beautiful and peaceful to see an example of moral and spiritual history. angels tattoos on a woman's body to show the divine nature, and his patients. Angels tattoos are beautiful, then get one soon.By William Jones, Julia

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