Monday, July 5, 2010

Tattoos on Women - Butterfly Tattoos

The butterfly tattoo design has never lost its popularity for women. It has remained one of their top choices for many years and does not look like losing its appeal. It is one of the most searched for designs on the Internet.

There are good reasons for this. There are a great number of beautiful designs, from the delicate and the colorful to the bold lines of tribal tattoos. This allows a woman to express herself in a variety of ways by using the image of one of Nature's most beautiful creatures. While there seem more than enough designs to cater for everyone's taste there is still plenty of room for individual expression using a personal custom design. Nature has provided an extraordinary array of butterfly patterns and sizes. Artists have added to these with an ever-expanding selection of expressive and intricate designs

The butterfly tattoo design is a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. The butterfly itself has the feminine characteristics of delicacy and beauty, which gives it universal appeal. It is hard not to be affected by the story of the butterfly - a thing of beauty emerging from something ordinary, even ugly. Then its beauty is only short-lived, fleeting, rather like life itself. Maybe that is why artists and photographers love to capture its beauty while they can.

The image of the butterfly is a symbol of beauty used in many forms of art across many cultures. It is found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and through Eastern and Western art and decoration through the centuries.

The most popular locations for butterfly tattoos seem to be the shoulder, back and ankle. A small, delicate butterfly placed on the shoulder can be understated and effective. On the other hand I have seen tattoos of a flock of butterflies stretching from the upper arm across to the shoulder blade, which were beautiful. The back, both upper and lower, lends itself to larger tattoos as it is a bigger area and the spine can act as a center to give drawings balance. Ankles and feet of course, tend to look best with smaller tattoos but there is still plenty of room for artistic expression. Here again a flock of small butterflies drawn from the top of the foot and climbing up the lower leg can be attractive and charming.

More and more women are drawn to butterfly tattoo designs as an artistic expression of one of nature's most beautiful creatures because whatever they wish to express they can do so with charm and beauty.

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